IranianPersonals Meet your Persian Princess is where singles in the Iranian community come to meet, chat, and connect online, right now. We are the largest community of Persians living in the U.S and Canada, Sweden, Germany, and more. Share your interests, post your selfies, connect with like-minded people fast. Phone, desktop, and tablet.

IranianPersonals is the best way to meet a lot of Iranians, safely, quickly, and easily. Our process is fun and our tools are simple to use. In minutes you can be chatting with someone new. Without the hassle and expense of clubs or lackluster results from your small network of well-meaning friends, we help you make things happen. Just have an open mind and an open heart.

We’ve been helping folks make real connections for nearly twenty years—you benefit from our experience, security encryption, and active community of members who all help to make this a thriving site for Iranians looking for friendship, fun, and romance. Join for free today to experience the joy of meeting like-minded Persian singles.

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